Don’t miss the Young SIOP Educational Day and Networking Events

The Young SIOP Network has put together an enticing programme!

Whether you are a clinician or a researcher, these sessions will enable you to interact with experts and fellow Young SIOP members. Plan ahead to make sure you register for this day!


Educational Day Lectures and Workshops (Wednesday, October 11; from 08:15 am to 05:15 pm)

To register for the Educational Day lectures and workshops, please go to the Registration congress page here*

*Educational Day attendance is automatically included in your congress registration and no separate registration required.


See featured sessions:

  • Learning from My Failures – Dr Steve Hunger
  • All about onco-fertility – Dr Terenziani and Dr Filippi
  • Joint session with Nursing, GHN, Supportive Care, CCI : Family centered care: cure for more, care for all – speakers incl. Dr Clare Wakefield, Dr.  Jennifer McLean, Dr Stefan Friedrichsorf , Dr Alejandra Mendez (CCI) Dawn Pickerung, Sidney Chanhonyo
  • Joint session with AYA and GHN node: Unlocking personalized treatments. A global perspective on Precision Medicine – Dr. Anita Villani ,  Jarrett Lalonde, Dr. Andrea Llera
  • Young SIOP Rising Star – Early Steps toward a Successful Career – Chalinee Monsereenusorn
  • Health Economics: What it is and what it isn’t – Dr Doug Coyle
  • Grieving in Paediatric oncology (in various cultures) – Dr Gregorio Zuniga


Young SIOP Expert Lunch (Wednesday, October 11 from 12:00 noon to 01:30 pm)

The Young SIOP Network is pleased once again to offer our annual and much anticipated Expert Lunch at this year’s congress in Ottawa, Canada. Please RSVP to join us on October 11, 12-1:30pm EDT – attendance is free, but registration in advance is required. We are excited to feature some of this year’s Keynote speakers at our tables which will include Vascular Anomalies, CAR-T cells in LMICs, Nutrition, AYA, and so much more! We can’t wait to see you there!

  • Table 1: HematopathologyDr Man Updesh Singh Sachdeva        
  • Table 2: CAR-T in LMICsDr Narula
  • Table 3: Global healthDr Joyce Kambugu 
  • Table 4: Brain tumorsDr Ibrahim Qaddoum          
  • Table 5: LeukemiaDr. Donna Johnston      
  • Table 6: AYDr. Sumit Gupta
  • Table 7: Renal tumor Dr Norbert Graf      
  • Table 8: LymphomasDr Michael P. Link    
  • Table 9: Nutrition (Adequate dosing) – Dr Maya Prasad      
  • Table 10: PsycooncologyDr Caron Strahlendorf   
  • Table 11: Vascular AnomaliesDr Denise Adams   
  • Table 12: Palliative CareDr Scott Maurer  

REGISTRATION for the Young SIOP Expert Lunch is now open (free of charge) – click here

*Please note that pre- registration is required for the Young SIOP Expert Lunch and space is limited! We recommend you register at your earliest convenience to guarantee your participation.


Young SIOP Junior Collaborative Event (more information coming soon)

Sponsored by Texas Children’s Hospital’s Global HOPE Program, this event will provide an informal setting for Young SIOP members to network, establish collaborations with peers, and form relationships with others.

More information on how to register for this event free of charge will follow shortly.



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