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NEW!! Select “Flex” to seamlessly switch any time between in-person and online – only 75 CAD!

A “Flex” ticket gives you the flexibility to convert your experience from in-person to online at any time before the congress. With Flex, if you switch, you will receive a full refund of the difference in fees (based on the category and fee applicable at the time of change).

Take the uncertainty out of these uncertain times and choose Flex.

*Standard registration can be switched until August 31, 2023 with a refund of the difference. Full details and cancellation policy below.

Registration is closed!

Registration fees (in CAD):

Fees apply to payments received prior to the indicated deadlines.

Until July 18, 2023
From July 19 till Sep 20, 2023
From Sep 21, 2023
Physicians – High-income countries 750 CAD1,095 CAD1,350 CAD
Physicians – UMIC/LMIC/LIC countries**345 CAD550 CAD675 CAD
Nurses, Allied Health and other Professionals, Resident, Trainee, Student **** – High-income countries 345 CAD550 CAD675 CAD
Nurses, Allied Health and other Professionals, Resident, Trainee, Student **** – UMIC/LMIC/LIC countries**285 CAD500 CAD620 CAD
Young SIOP Member***345 CAD550 CAD675 CAD
Physicians – High-income Countries1,150 CAD1,315 CAD1,560 CAD
Physicians – UMIC/LMIC/LIC countries**625 CAD785 CAD990 CAD
Nurses, Allied Health and other Professionals, Resident, Trainee, Student**** – High-income countries625 CAD785 CAD990 CAD
Nurses, Allied Health and other Professionals, Resident, Trainee, Student**** – UMIC/LMIC/LIC countries** 375 CAD625 CAD890 CAD
CCI Member Survivors/Parents345 CAD550 CAD675 CAD
Non-profit Advocates and Organizations345 CAD550 CAD675 CAD
Virtual Attendance
SIOP/IPSO/PROS Member - High-income countries 510 CAD740 CAD740 CAD
CCI Member100 CAD150 CAD150 CAD
SIOP/IPSO/PROS - UMIC/LMIC/LIC countries ** / Young SIOP Member ***100 CAD150 CAD150 CAD
Non-Member - High-income countries 550 CAD785 CAD785 CAD
Non-Member - UMIC/LMIC/LIC countries**125 CAD175 CAD175 CAD
* SIOP, IPSO and PROS Members: in order to apply for this category, please ensure your membership is approved and fees are paid for 2023 before you start the registration process. Registration will not be confirmed otherwise.
Join or renew your SIOP Membership – click here
Important! In order to benefit from SIOP Membership reduced rate – please apply for membership at least 5 working days prior to registration deadline.
** UMIC/LIMC/LIC Countries registration fee refers to Upper middle income, Lower-middle-income, Low income economies as listed here and defined according to the World Bank Country Classification. Click here to see the Country Classification data.
*** Young SIOP Member– Members aged 40 and below. *If you are above 40 years of age but you can demonstrate that you have been away from the field due to, for example, for a career break, parental leave or long-term sick leave, this will be taken into account. For such cases, please contact

****Nurses, Allied Health and other Professionals, Resident, Trainee, Student -In order to benefit from the special fee, a submission of your status confirmation (approval letter signed by the Head of Department or copy of your status ID) must be uploaded during the online registration.
***** Psycho-social workers and Health care professionals belong to the Allied Health & other Professionals categories, in order to benefit from the special fee, a submission of your status confirmation (approval letter signed by the Head of Department or copy of your status ID) must be uploaded during the online registration.

What the registration fees includes(In-person participation):

• Access to all live & on demand sessions
• Invitation to the Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception
• Access to the Exhibition and Poster Area
• Access to Meet the Expert Sessions, on a first come, first served basis
• Refreshments according to the congress timetable
• All sessions will be available on demand in the virtual platform for up to 3 months after the meeting

What do the registration fees include (Online participation):

• Open access to all presentations and session recordings. Create your own schedule, attend any and all of the sessions whenever and wherever.
• Network with colleagues. Browse a list of participants and click on their name to contact them.
• Earn CME credits. Participate in the scientific programme and be eligible to receive the number of CME credits attributed to the virtual meeting.
• Access all the e-posters. Browse research on the hottest topics published in the congress digital abstract book and connect with the abstract authors and other colleagues from around the world through the e-poster virtual consultations.
• Join the debate. Attend a session recorded and streamed live to allow participation delegates from all over the world to participate in live conversations.
• Give feedback. Use the short session surveys to rate the sessions and help us improve the overall quality of the programme.

Payment Methods

Payment of registration fees (in CAD) can be done via the online registration process by the following methods:

By Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard or American Express

By Bank Transfer: (Additional 30 CAD handling fee is required)

• Please ensure that the name of the meeting and the reference number of the participant is stated on the bank transfer.

• Bank charges are the responsibility of the participant and should be paid at source in addition to the registration fees.

Please make drafts payable to:

Account Name: SIOP 2023 Congress, Canada
Bank details: Credit Suisse Bank Geneva Branch, 1211 Geneva 70, Switzerland
Clearing number: 4835
Account Number: 1500934-92-525
IBAN No: CH02 0483 5150 0934 9252 5

• Registration will only be valid upon receipt of the full payment by the registration department according to the deadline indicated. An email confirming registration will only be sent after receipt of the required fees.
• Outstanding payments will be collected on-site and charged the on-site rate. A copy of the bank transfer (or other proof of payment) will be required in the event that registration fees were not credited to the meeting account on time.

Conversion of Registration Category:

We want to help you reduce uncertainty during these uncertain times, which is why we have added the ability to easily convert your registration between the in-person and online experience at no additional charge.

And for extra peace of mind, we are now offering a “Flex” ticket upgrade for just 75 CAD!

Converting from In-Person to Online Attendance

Standard Ticket

  • Until August 31, 2023: Receive a refund of the difference in fees.
  • As of September 1, 2023: Ability to switch BUT there will be no refund of the difference in fees.

Flex Ticket (+75 CAD)

  • Any time before the congress: Receive a refund of the difference in fees. *

**When changing your registration category, the fee applied will be based on the registration fee and category applicable at the time your initial ticket purchase was made.

Converting from Online to In-Person Attendance

All Tickets

Switch at any time! You will be required to pay the difference in fees based on the registration fee and category at the time your initial ticket purchase was made.

Registration Cancellation​​​ Policy:

All cancellations must be electronically mailed. Refund of registration fee will be as follows:
Note: in case of cancellation at any stage, Bank transfer admission fee (30 CAD) will not be refunded – applicable to Bank Transfer payments only.
• Cancellations received up and including July 18, 2023 – Full refund
• Cancellations received from July 19 to September 28, 2023 – 50% will be refunded
• From September 29, 2023 – no refund will be made


Group Registration



For group registration of 10 participants and more visit the Group Registration page.

Press Registration


We offer complimentary registration for members of the press; however, press credentials are required. Please send us valid press ID card or a letter from the publisher of the institution/ journal you are working for by Email to: In addition, please specify full name and address.

Note: Not applicable for author and abstract presenters

SIOP 2023 Registration Department

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Tel: +41 22 908 0488
Fax: + 41 22 906 9140