Perinatal solid tumor management Sabine Sarnacki (France)
Oncolytic viruses for treatment of cancer Marta Alonso (Spain)
Social functioning in pediatric brain tumor survivors: the forgotten late effect Matthew C. Hocking (US)
Fostering a Culture of Patient Safety: Initiating Discussions about Traditional and Complementary Medicine with Children and Families Mohammad R. Alqudimat (Canada)
Myeloproliferative syndromes Henrik Hasle (Denmark)
Diagnosing solid tumors using molecular biology Edmund Cheesman (UK)
IPSO: Centralization of pediatric surgical oncology care Marc Wijnen (the Netherlands)
PROS: D’angio lecture Natia Esiasivili (US)
Delivering palliative care in children with cancer in low and middle income countries
Pediatric Precision Medicine: Psychosocial, health system, and ethical considerations
Beyond HLH 2004 – a fresh look at HLH
Advances in the treatment and biology of malignant rhabdoid tumour
Paediatric thyroid cancers
Treatment abandonment
Rare lymphoma eg. ALCL, PMBCL etc.
NF2 related nervous system tumours
SIOP/PROS/IPSO symposium: Extremity sarcoma RT
PROS: Mult-Disc Session
Implementing quality improvement in a clinical setting Mavis Boahemaa Obuoh-Evans (Ghana)
Surgical oncology in LMICs Derek Harrison (South Africa)
Oral metronomic chemotherapy Jaroslav Sterba (Czech Republic)
Alternative donor HSCT Marie Bleakley (US)
Infant ALL Daisuke Tomizawa (Japan)