Managing neurological toxicities associated with ALL therapy Christina Halsey (UK)
Vaccine development in neuroblastoma and beyond Nai-Kong Cheung (US)
Stopping TKIs in CML – decision making and weighing risks/benefits Nobuko Hijiya (US)
Engaging children and  adolescents with cancer and their parents in clinical research Natalie Bradford (Australia)
Proton therapy and implications from a psychooncology perspective Lisa Kahalley (US)
PROS: D’Angio Lecture Jeannette Parkes (South Africa)
IPSO – Extreme Hepatic resection versus transplantation for hepatic tumours in childhood Christoph Chardot (France)
Novel theragnostics in paediatric oncology Max M. Van Noesel (The Netherlands)
Advances in the management of retinoblastoma
New trends  in ependymoma diagnosis and treatment
Advanced directives including DNR – perspectives from different disciplines, children and parents
Nursing – retention and specialization in pediatric oncology
Minimizing patient distress with screening and interventions – a global perspective
St. Baldrick’s Lecture: Therapy for Burkitt lymphoma – HIC and LMICs
SIOP/PROS/IPSO symposium – The multimodal management of pulmonary metastases
PROS- Advances in the Multimodality management of Wilms Tumors
Role of surgery versus radiotherapy for Ewing Sarcoma

Debate: Is it ethical to give adapted treatment in low and middle income countries      Andrea Biondi (Italy) and Michael Sullivan (Australia)

Everything you wanted to know about immunotherapy basic sciences but were afraid to ask Holger Lode (Germany)
2021 WHO classification for brain tumors David Ellison (US)
Drug acquisition and supply chain management – what if I can’t get the drug? Vikramjit S. Kanwar (India)
Role of precision medicine in LMICs Nmazuo Ozuah (US)
Vascular access challenges and solutions Sajid Qureshi (India)

Gitte Peterson (Denmark)

Tumor Board – Leukemia Mireia Camós (Spain)

Johann Hizler Canada)

Henrik Hasle (Denmark)

David Veron (Argentina)

Tumor Board – Solid Tumors Mariana Varela (Argentina)

David H. Abramson (US)

Franics L. Munier (Switzerland)

Francois Doz (France)